Association hosts Wyoming hay production, marketing seminars

Hay production and marketing seminars are being planned across Wyoming this month by the new Wyoming Hay and Forage Association, sponsored by Croplan by WinField.

Meetings are in Torrington, Casper, Riverton and Powell Nov. 14-17. Times are the same for each meeting.

Events begin at 1 p.m. with a panel featuring local producers and others involved locally in marketing and transporting hay, facilitated by University of Wyoming Extension educators in each area.

“This panel will look at hay marketing and transportation issues,” said Caleb Carter, extension educator based in Goshen County. “This will be an opportunity for producers to learn more about new markets and strategies as well as challenges being faced in transporting hay in Wyoming.”

At 2 p.m., Jeff Jackson, alfalfa and forage specialist with CROPLAN, will discuss methods for optimizing acres in alfalfa production.

At 3 p.m., Scott Keith, executive director of the Wyoming Hay and Forage Association, will discuss the origins of the association, how hay producers around the state can benefit and how to join.

click here to download the 2016 Hay Seminar Schedule 

Dates and locations are:
  • Monday, Nov. 14 – Torrington, Brand Room, Goshen County Fairgrounds.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 15 – Casper, Evansville Room, Agricultural Resource and Learning Center, 2011 Fairgrounds Road.
  •  Wednesday, Nov. 16 – Riverton, Fremont County Fairgrounds.
  • Thursday, Nov. 17 – Powell, Powell Research and Extension Center.

For more information, contact Keith at 307-257-1171 or Carter at 307-532-2436.


2016 Southeast Wyoming Beef Production Convention

University of Wyoming Extension


A collection of workshops covering the issues affecting profitability of livestock producers

Goshen County Extension and The James C. Hageman Sustainable Agriculture Research and Extension Center (SAREC) will again be hosting the Southeast Wyoming Beef Production Convention in Torrington in November.

The Convention will be held on Tuesday, November 22nd at the Rendezvous Center, on the Goshen County Fair Grounds. Registration will begin at 9:30 am with the program starting at 10 am, going until 5 pm.

We will begin the day with a long range weather forecast from Chad Hahan, from the National Weather Service in Cheyenne, WY. He will discuss advances in technology in weather forecasting, the ins and outs of la nina and el nino and other factors affecting our weather, and what they mean for Wyoming, as well as what we can expect to see over the next few months. Continue reading 2016 Southeast Wyoming Beef Production Convention

Wearing gloves, mask and other protection are part of handling farm chemicals safely.

Water quality effects on your pesticide application

Anyone who has sat through our private or commercial pesticide applicator training has certainly heard us harp about reading the label, calibrating the sprayer, wearing the proper protective equipment, proper application timing, and so on.

Water quality is a consideration you may not be aware of, specifically the water temperature, pH, and total suspended solids (turbidity). These can decrease the effectiveness of an application and should be considered.

Water Temperature

Research out of Purdue University has shown that water at temperatures around 41 °F or around 133 °F can have a negative effect on weed control with certain pesticides and certain weeds. Weeds they tested included giant ragweed, horseweed (marestail), Palmer amaranth, and pitted morningglory. See Table 1 for results. Continue reading Water quality effects on your pesticide application

The 2016 Torrington Farmers Market!

torrington Wyoming Farmers Market

As the weather warms and you begin to think about fresh tomatoes and sweet corn, remember to check out the 2016 Torrington Farmers’ Market! The market is still on Thursdays but at a new time and a new location! Historically the Thursday market has been held at the Extension Office from 3 pm to 5 pm. The market has now been moved to City park, beginning at 5 pm.

“Historically the Thursday market has been held at the Extension Office from 3 pm to 5 pm. The market has now been moved to City park, beginning at 5 pm.”

There have been many who have asked for the market to be moved back downtown and to have a later start time so those who work would be able to attend the market. The hope of the new board of directors is that this new location and time will help to satisfy both needs, while also providing a wonderful location. The market will begin on Thursday, July 21st and will be held each Thursday until October 6th. Though the last date is weather dependent. Continue reading The 2016 Torrington Farmers Market!


Cattle Market Outlook and Market Negotiation Research Project

Goshen County Extension is hosting a Cattle Market Outlook and Market Negotiation Research Project on June 9, 2016. The meeting will be in the Brand Room, in the Rendezvous Center at the Goshen County Fair Grounds, from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Wyoming Cattle Market Outlook– A look at the current conditions in the cattle business. The outlook will focus on supply, demand and trade and look at projected prices for this fall. Bridger Feuz – University of Wyoming Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist.

Market Negotiation Research Project– Dr. Chris Bastian , from the University of Wyoming Ag and Applied Economics Department, is leading an effort to better understand the needs of Wyoming producers in improving their negotiation skills for buying and selling agriculture products. Dr. Bastian will conduct a listening session to gain producer feedback which will help direct the outputs of the research project.

Continue reading Cattle Market Outlook and Market Negotiation Research Project


Integrated pest management: not just for the farm!

As spring nears and your daydreams of fresh soil and growing plants come to fruition once again, you may find yourself haunted by pests set on thwarting your well laid plans. This could mean a new weed in your garden or flowerbed, something eating on your tomatoes or that pesky dandelion daring to show itself again.

Integrated Pest Management

They can come in all sizes, shapes and colors, and your management efforts should be as varied. This is often referred to as “Integrated Pest Management” (IPM). A strategy which has been in use on farms and ranches across the country for over a half century, but which also has place in your own lawn or garden as well. The idea behind IPM is to “integrate” multiple control methods together in an attempt to increase the effective management of a particular pest, in a safe, cost-efficient and environmentally sound manner.

Continue reading Integrated pest management: not just for the farm!


Extension Administrative Assistant/Youth Show Coordinator

Do you enjoy working with people? Are you looking for a way to give back to the community and work with kids? We have reopened the search for an Extension Administrative Assistant/Youth Show Coordinator at the Goshen County Extension Office!

This unique professional position provides administrative support to
Extension Educators serving Goshen County while simultaneously providing leadership to the Goshen County Fair Youth Division under the supervision of the Goshen County Fair Youth Show Committee, a sub-committee of the Goshen County Fair Board. Continue reading Extension Administrative Assistant/Youth Show Coordinator


Looking for hay, or current hay prices?

Do you have some hay for sale? Or are you looking for current hay prices? There are several resources you can utilize to buy or sell hay, or look to see what hay is selling for across Wyoming as well as regionally.

Opportunities for buying and selling hay


This website is a joint venture between the University of Wyoming Extension and the Wyoming Business Council. The purpose of this website is to promote Wyoming’s high quality hay and seed. Continue reading Looking for hay, or current hay prices?


Accessing winter wheat spring freeze injury

Accessing the damage caused by the snow and cold on May 9th and 10th can be difficult. There are many factors, beyond the temperature lows, that can determine the severity of wheat damage. This includes the growth stage, stand health, duration of the cold temps and soil moisture as well as micro-climates within the wheat field.

Areas with thin stands created by winter injury, for example, are more susceptible to freeze damage, as well as those that are not buffered by soil moisture in the topsoil. Differences in elevation, topography, etc. also make for micro-climates that can greatly affect the severity of the damage. Thus, low spots with thin stands and dry soil tend to be most susceptible.

Wyoming Wheat Condition

According to the Wyoming crop progress report for the week ending on May 10th, only about 11% of the state’s wheat had jointed. Continue reading Accessing winter wheat spring freeze injury


Developing a fair lease rate: some tips and tools

One of the most popular posts on my blog has been the Pasture and Cropland leases and rates, posted on August 6, 2014. With spring just around the corner, and lots of questions coming in once again on this topic, as well as some new tools that I have found, I decided to update this post.

Why are you considering a lease?

This should be the first question that you ask yourself. Identify why you are looking to lease and let that guide you through the process.

  • To make money?
  • To help out a friend or neighbor?
  • Getting the new generation into farming/ranching?
  • How long do you want to lease for?
  • Consider how much involvement you want, especially as the landowner.
  • What is your acceptable level of risk?
  • What is the land/range quality?

Essential elements for any lease agreement:

There are some important components that must be a part of any lease agreement:

  • Beginning and ending dates
  • Legal names of all parties involved
  • Clear, legal description of the property involved

Outside of these details, there are several factors that should be considered and agreed upon by all parties involved and documented, in detail, in the written lease agreement. Continue reading Developing a fair lease rate: some tips and tools