Gluten-Free Dry Bean Production Seminar

Are you interested in learning more about gluten-free dry bean production? Goshen County Extension is hosting a seminar that will outline the proper steps in producing gluten-free dry beans.

Dry beans are naturally gluten-free, so are a good fit for a gluten-free niche market. A big concern though, is that this product could be contaminated with gluten through the harvesting, milling and packaging process.

Wyoming Seed Certification Service manager Mike Moore will discuss the entire production process for maintaining the gluten-free status of dry beans, from planting to packaging. The new Gluten Free Dry Bean Production manual will be highlighted and will be available at the seminar or upon request.

Proper scouting techniques for identifying new weed or pest infestations will also be discussed, as well as looming concerns with ALS resistant palmer amaranth and water hemp. Both weeds are currently in the panhandle of Nebraska and pose big concern to bean growers, as it will make the current raptor-basagran herbicide combination ineffective.

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Last Private Applicator Training

Come out on Tuesday, March 28th for the last private applicator training. We are combining with the Goshen County Weed and Pest to provide some additional training as a part of the class.

Registration begins at 9 a.m. Presentations covering appropriate timing of weed and pest control as well as calibration will begin at 9:30 am. Including an opportunity for hands on calibration.

Lunch will be provided and the applicator class will begin at 12:30 pm, ending at 4:30 p.m.

See the flyer below for more information

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Worker Protection Standard Train the Trainer

Come learn what changes there are to the Worker Protection Standard and what they mean for you as a producer. If you have employees, produce an agricultural crop, including hay, and apply pesticides then this applies to you.

March 15th, 9 am to noon, Brand Room, Goshen County Fairgrounds.
To RSVP or with questions please call Caleb Carter at (307) 532-2436

For more information on Worker Protection Standard changes go to:

Worker Protection Standard Articles

by Jeff Edwards, Pesticide Safety Education Coordinator, UW Extension

Why should you care about the Worker Protection Standard?
The Worker Protection Standard – 2017 Compliance
The Worker Protection Standard – employer responsibilities
The Worker Protection Standard – employer responsibilities II

if you have questions, please all Caleb Carter at (307) 532-2436 or

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2017 Private Pesticide Applicator Training’s – Southeast Wyoming

Do you need to renew your private pesticide applicator license? Or obtain a new license? Then be sure to attend one of the training being offered across Southeast Wyoming in the next couple months.

Goshen County
  • Tuesday, January 24th  – 8 am to noon, Platte Valley Bank, Torrington, WY
    Friday, January 27th – noon to 4 pm, Platte Valley Bank, Torrington, WY
Laramie County
  • Thursday, February 16th – noon to 4 pm, Laramie County Fair Grounds, Archer, WY
Platte County
  • Tuesday, February 21st – noon to 4 pm, First State Bank, Wheatland, WY
Albany County

Wednesday, March 1st – 10 am to 5 pm: Presentations on Ag related topics will begin at 10 am, with the Pesticide Applicator Training beginning at 1 pm. Lunch will be included. Held at the Albany County Fairgrounds.

These training’s will cover

  • Integrated pest management
  • Reading and understanding the pesticide label
  • Types and use of personal protective equipment
  • Federal reporting requirements

Changes to the Worker Protection Standards will also be covered. Many of these changes took place as of January 1st of 2017. This will be a good opportunity to learn what these changes mean to you.

Here is a blog post with more information on the changes to the Worker Protection Standards, written by Caitlin Youngquist, UW Extension Educator based in Washakie County: 

For more information on other training’s across Wyoming go to the University of Wyoming Pesticide Safety Education Program webpage.

If you are unable to attend a training, you can also go into your local Extension Office and take an online test. The test is 50 questions and if you pass, you will receive a certificate of completion at the end. Either way, your application will then be sent to the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and you will receive your license in the mail in about 4 to 6 weeks. Questions? Call Caleb Carter at (307) 532-2436, or

2017 Goshen County Master Gardener Tree Sale

if you have been thinking about planting some new trees or shrubs in your landscape next spring, you are not too late! The Goshen County Master Gardeners have extended their 2017 tree sale order period. We have had lots of interest and numerous orders, but also know that December is a tough time of year to keep dates and deadlines straight! So, we have extended our order period to January 31st!

Whether you are looking for some more fruit trees, a nice shade tree for the backyard or some shrubs to add some color around the house, we have something for you! Continue reading 2017 Goshen County Master Gardener Tree Sale

Association hosts Wyoming hay production, marketing seminars

Hay production and marketing seminars are being planned across Wyoming this month by the new Wyoming Hay and Forage Association, sponsored by Croplan by WinField.

Meetings are in Torrington, Casper, Riverton and Powell Nov. 14-17. Times are the same for each meeting.

Events begin at 1 p.m. with a panel featuring local producers and others involved locally in marketing and transporting hay, facilitated by University of Wyoming Extension educators in each area.

“This panel will look at hay marketing and transportation issues,” said Caleb Carter, extension educator based in Goshen County. “This will be an opportunity for producers to learn more about new markets and strategies as well as challenges being faced in transporting hay in Wyoming.” Continue reading Association hosts Wyoming hay production, marketing seminars